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Streaming Voice Pack for Gamers | VO by @Dayleeo

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This audience engagement themed voice pack, created for streamers on Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Steam Broadcasting, Beam Pro and more, includes over 50 .mp3 files that your viewers and subscribers can use to let you know what they're thinking IN STREAM! 

Custom subscriber emotes, but in audio form? YAS PLEASE.  

You can preview some of the files in this pack by clicking the link below:

This pack includes:

+ "WOOW"

+ "This game sucks"

+ "YAAS!"

+ "We out here!"

+ "Raage!"

+ "OK, I see you." (props)

+ "Um. Ok."

+ "Can we play another game?"

+ "This game sucks!"

+ "Hey Community, Pick a topic!"

+  (random sound effects and exclamations) 

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Streaming Voice Pack for Gamers | VO by @Dayleeo

0 ratings
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